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Gateway middleware stack, SDK and remote device management

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Connecting identifiable „Things“ in homes, cars, production plants via the Internet amongst each other and to the cloud is the first step to create the „Internet of Things“.

ProSyst provides your platform for the Internet of Things. It is purpose-built platform for developing, deploying, operating and monetizing IoT applications. Highly optimized for the requirements of IoT applications, almost any asset, device or "Thing" from any vendor or vintage can be connected via the gateway software stack from ProSyst.

Based on open standards such as OSGi, ProSyst uses a modular architecture model where applications are created as a catalog of services instead of one tightly coupled monolith of code. This makes it much easier to change and maintain software and apps, which is particularly important for Smart Homes, Connected Cars, eHealth and Industry 4.0 apps that run 24/7, 365 days a year.

We help to make Things Internet-enabled, end-to-end.

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Enabling disruptive business models for Connected Cars

  • FOTA software lifecycle management
  • Pay-as-you-drive offerings
  • Remote diagnostics / software update
  • eMobility
  • eCall
  • Application store for the car
  • Special vehicles fleets telematics


Enabling new Apps and Services for the Connected Home

  • Home monitoring and security
  • Lighting control and regulation 
  • Control of heating, ventilation, cooling
  • Energy and load management
  • Predictive maintenace of PVs and CHP systems
  • Access control
  • Movement detection


Enabling new Industry 4.0 solutions 

  • Predictive maintenance in production plants
  • Managing software updates for machines
  • Software lifecycle management of industry robots
  • Remote maintenance for elevators, escalators, etc.
  • Hazard monitoring


Enabling Apps and Services that raise the Reach of IT-based Healthcare solutions

  • Active and assisted living for elderly people
  • Health monitoring
  • Medication reminder
  • Notification in emergencies
  • Activity detection 
  • Fitness apps based on connected devices

The products & services
we offer

Best-of-breed gateway middleware, SDK and remote device management platform

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The ProSyst
device management platform

Enabling innovators to rapidly create and deploy applications, services and solutions for today's smart, connected world.

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The companies that use our products and services

ProSyst has a truly global customer base ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers.